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OWS Our Work Shop Systems - Vitamins for your car

Specialized in additives and lubricants

OWS lubricants are produced in Germany to the highest standards and we ensure that the oils that we sell exceed the requirements of authorities like API and ACEA and also individual manufacturers like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Volkswagen and Porsche.
Because we only produce in Germany, you are assured that every drop that we sell worldwide is the same.
The same Quality, Performance and the highest level of Protection.


Performance 3-in-1 System

Tests have proven that the average motorist loses 5-15% Engine Performance and up to 30% Fuel Economy due to carbon & sludge build-up, dirty valves & fuel system. OWS proven system from Germany will restore and maintain your car’s performance like new! Insist on OWS Performance 3-in-1 System with your next oil change! Here they go to the products

A great OEM Solutions Partner should do more than just producing your product

As a premier German OEM Manufacturer, OWS has found that the best and most cost effective products come from a strong collaborative effort. We work hands on with raw material suppliers that help to develop customised product solutions. Our lubricant & addtives chemists, OEM product design and integration will help you select best-fit formulas to bring your product to the market.

Partners save time and development costs by selecting additives, chemicals, lubricants from our product portfolio. Each product is customised to reflect your brand, both inside and out.

Our team of OEM experts knows how to manage and simplify every step of your product lifecycle. From design to post sales-support, to inventory management and go-to-market support, we have the knowledge and experience to handle all your needs.

  • Lower production and design support costs
  • Accelerated time-to-market
  • Simplified inventory management
  • Reliable forecasting
  • International market-reach
  • High-quality german additives, chemicals, raw materials and lubricants from OWS

Private Labels

OWS proudly produce different private Labels with own Formulation. 
TERMINATOR OIL is NOT produced by OWS.

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