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OWS Turbine T32 / T46 / T68 / T100

OWS Turbine T32 / T46 / T68 / T100 are top-quality lubricating oils for gas and steam turbines and turbo compressors with and without gears, which require DIN 51 515-2. The OWS Turbine T row of products are manufactured using the highest quality selected base oils and state of the art Überclean® additive technology. This ensures a finished product with outstanding corrosion protection and resistance to ageing. OWS Turbine T32 / T46 / T68 / T100 are for use in stationary gas turbines, steam turbines and in electric or steam powered turbine engines. It can also be used for the lubrication of hydraulic systems, compressors, gear transmissions and bearings.

Specifications - DIN 51 515 Part 1 (L-TD) Part 2 (L-TG); Siemens TLV 9013 04/0; British Standard BS 489; General Electric GEK 32568 A/C; MIL-L-17672 D; CEGB Standard 207001; Brown Boveri HTGD 90117; U.S. Steel 120; Westinghouse Electric Corp; Alstom HTGD 90117 V0001 S; Solar ES 9 224 Class II

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