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OWS Multilite LA SAE 15W-40

Article Number
4 L, 5 L, 20 L, 25 L, 60 L, 200 L

High Performance Fuel Economy SHPD Engine Oil - OWS Multilite LA SAE 15W-40 is a high performance multigrade fuel economy SHPD (Super High Performance Diesel) engine oil developed for the latest generation of utility and commercial vehicles with after gas treatment systems. OWS Überclean® additive technology protects your engine and enhances performance, minimzing wear and maintenace costs.

Specifications - ACEA E9; API CJ-4 / SN; CAT ECF-3/-2/-1-a; Cummins CES 2001; DDC 93K218; Deutz DQC III-LA; MACK EO-O Premium Plus; MAN M3575; MB 228.31; MTU Type 2.1; Renault RLD-3; Volvo VDS-4

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